Clinton Area Rural Transit (C.A.R.T.)

Last Updated:February 19, 2004


12 Grant Street

Plattsburgh NY 12901
County: Clinton


  1. Teri Blake
Telephone: (518) 561-1452
Fax: (518) 563-4439

Hours of Operation

Office hours -- 6 A.M. -- 5 P.M. Monday through Friday

Services Provided

* C.A.R.T. County Planning Office Telephone 518-565-4713

Public transportation provided throughout Clinton County and the City of Plattsburgh. Call (518) 561-1452 for additional information, for trip planning, or to receive a schedule. All city and rural routes are wheelchair accessible. In addition, Complementary Paratransit Service is available within the City of Plattsburgh for those unable to use regular service routes due to a disability. Service areas include Standish, Riverview, Peru, Ausable Forks, Rouses Point, Mooers Forks, Churubusco, Champlain, and points in between. Buses can be flagged down anywhere along routes. City routes include stops in Downtown Plattsburgh, CVPH Medical Center, shopping centers, and Champlain Center malls. Rural routes begin and end at either Downtown Plattsburgh or Champlain Center North where passengers may transfer to a city route, if needed.

Service Eligibility

C.A.R.T. is public transportation and is open to everyone at all times.

Referral Procedure

Call 561-1452 or 565-4713.

Fee Schedule

Set: Set schedule is included in a separate brochure available from C.A.R.T.

Volunteer Opportunities

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