ETC Housing Corporation -- Evergreen Townhouse Community

Last Updated:February 19, 2004


Post Office Box 2708
6 Tara Lane
Plattsburgh NY 12901
County: Clinton


  1. David Valachovic
    Executive Director
Telephone: (518) 563-2223
Fax: (518) 563-2320

Hours of Operation

9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday

Services Provided

Temporary emergency shelter and intensive case management services for homeless families and individuals.

ETC operates 12 temporary housing units. Intensive case management services for homeless families and individuals to obtain and retain permanent housing. Case management services are also provided to homeless families and individuals who are not sheltered at Evergreen. ETC Service Coordinators assist households to apply for subsidized housing resources in Clinton County. Persons in need of temporary shelter must apply to the Clinton County Department of Social Services.

Permanent Housing (21 units) in the Evergreen Townhouse Community for Homeless Families.

Anyone may apply for permanent housing at Evergreen, however, priority is given to those who are homeless and being sheltered. Applications are taken and held for 90 days. Applicants may update their applications by contacting ETC by phone or in person. Residents received supportive services from Service Coordinators.

Rents are set at 30% of income, or in case of those with very low incomes, they are set at the public assistance allowance.

Service Eligibility

Homeless individuals and families

Referral Procedure

Referral by self or agency (telephone or walk-in)

Fee Schedule


Volunteer Opportunities

Building/Grounds, Emergency Housing
Student Internships
Low-level client contact
Office tasks

Additional Information

Emergency housing referral is through the Clinton County Department of Social Services or through other agencies providing emergency services


Category 1: Housing, Homeless, Transient Services
Category 2: Advocacy
Category 3: Intensive Case Management Services
Category 4: