Franklin County Department of Social Services - Child Support Enforcement Unit

Last Updated:February 19, 2004


355 West Main Street

Malone NY 12953-
County: Franklin


  1. Theresa Reome
    Coordinator of Child Support
  2. Joyce Armstrong
    Assistant Coordinator of Child Support
Telephone: (518) 481-1869
Fax: (518) 481-1701

Hours of Operation

September 1 - May 31 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, June 1 - August 31 8:00 - 4:00 PM Monday through Friday

Services Provided

Location of absent parents; establishment of paternity, including genetic marker testing; establishment of a child support obligation; establishment of medical support (health insurance, if available); accounting for, collecting, and disbursing child support payments; enforcement of child support orders; modification of child support orders. Automated enforcement processes include income execution with an additional amount to liquidate arrears; driver's license suspension; passport denial; tax offset; property execution; lottery intercepts; credit bureau; cost of living allowance for obligation increases (COLA); personal injury claim lien process.

Service Eligibility

Any custodial parent or guardian who needs child support services

Referral Procedure

If a child and custodian are receiving financial benefits from the county, then Child Support Services must be utilized. If a child and custodian are not currently receiving financial benefits, an application must be filed to request Child Support Services. Please call the Child Support Unit to obtain an application."

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Category 1: Child Support Establishment and Collection
Category 2: Family Support Services
Category 3: Legal Services
Category 4: Services for Paternity Establishment